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The Elevation of the Holy Cross is celebrated on September 14. This feast is also referred to as the Exaltation of the Cross.

Universal Exaltation of the Cross

The recovery of the Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified from the Persians. The Persians had captured it as a prize of war in Jerusalem, and it was recovered by the forces of the Eastern Roman Empire ("Byzantine Empire"). The cross was joyously held up for veneration by the Christian faithful upon its recovery.
Holy, Glorious, Great, God-Crowned and Equal to the Apostles, Emperor Constantine and Helen.
Feast day celebrated on May 21.

Saints Constantine and Helen

St. Constantine the Great was the first Christian Roman Emperor. He presided over the Council of Nicaea, gave extensive grants of land and property to the Church, founded the Christian city of Constantinople to serve as his new capital, and undertook a long-sighted program of Christianization for the whole of the Roman Empire.

As for his holy mother Helen, after her son had made the Faith of Christ triumphant throughout the Roman Empire, she undertook a journey to Jerusalem and found the Holy Cross on which our Lord was crucified.

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